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Feudon, a master piece of strategy and war simulation game will officially launch its latest server CHARIOT (S3) at 09:00 on May 16, 2013*. Besides being absolutely fun and assuredly relaxing, it's eternally free to play!

90 BC in Rome, peace was disturbed by the conspiracy attempted at the ruler's life. Though the conspiracy was smashed, the alliance of the Three Big Families was also broken. They blamed each other for planning the assassination. During decades of incessant wars, people suffered. You, born from the humble, yet with a brave and kind heart, decided to end the chaos and restore Rome's glory.

You will meet many challenges starting from the Italy Peninsula. You will explore the land of Hispania, the ancient Egypt, the wildness of the Gauls, later the renowned rich kingdoms of Numidia and Seleucid, and then the savage tribes from the east…Your journey to the ancient world and mysteries starts here!

In Feudon you'll build your army from 10 arrays, dozens of troops and hundreds of heores. Time to get creative! Smart formations could save you a lot of resources. All resources come from battle. Be a good commander and you'll make a very nice life in the ancient Roman time.

Make haste in joining FEUDON. Have what you've never had before.

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* Note
Start Time
09:00:00 Thur. May 16, 2013 (EDT, Server Time);
06:00:00 Thur. May 16, 2013 (PDT);
13:00:00 Thur. May 16, 2013 (GMT).


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