Light Up the Year



New Year has quietly come. Feudon will offer plenty of activities for all players to celebrate New Year! Come on! Surprises will light up your New Year! Join us and you will enjoy new pleasure!


Event 1: New Year Surprise


Happy New Year! Wish everyone good luck in this year! Players can enjoy a 10% Gold bonus for every purchase you make during the activity. If you purchase Gold for the first time during the activity, you can even receive a gift pack. More surprises are here waiting for you! Come on and grab them!


Time: From 00:00 on Jan 8 to 00:00 on Jan 11, 2014* (3 days)


Server:All servers (S1-S3)



1. All players can enjoy a 10% bonus for their accumulated purchases of Gold during the activity time. For example, if a player buys 3400 Gold collectively during the activity, he'll receive 340 Gold as bonus after the activity ends.

2. Additionally, if a player who has never paid before the activity makes his first purchase in the activity and his accumulated purchases of the activity period reach or exceed 200 Gold, he will receive an extra First Purchase Pack after the activity ends.


Tips: The player's accumulated purchases of Gold in each server are calculated separately.

For example, if he buys 1000 Gold in S1 and 2000 Gold in S2 during the activity, he'll receive 100 Gold in S1 and 200 Gold in S2 after the activity ends as the bonus.



Don't forget to transfer Claps to Feudon's Gold in case you need it.


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Rewards for Rule 1

10% of the accumulated Gold a player buys during the activity will be sent to him as the bonus.


Rewards for Rule 2

First Purchase Pack 


Rewards Delivery

1. The rewards will be sent to the accounts of eligible players with an in-game mail as notification within 3-15 days after the activity ends.

2. Every eligible player can only receive the Gold bonus and the First Purchase Pack (if there is any) ONCE.


Event 2: Levy Festival


Here comes the payback time, fellas! Conduct Levy in your Senatus as many times as you can and the Gift Cards will flock! Open the Gift Cards and you will find out what kind of lucky rewards you have bumped into! Come join this Levy festival! It's transcendent!   


Time: From 00:00 on Jan 8 to 00:00 on Jan 11, 2014* (3 days)


Server:All Servers



During the activity time, when the number of your Levy reaches 2, 5, 9, 14, 20, 27, 35, 46 and 60, you will gain 2, 6, 11, 19, 28, 41, 56, 79 and 108 Gift Cards respectively. Gift Cards, when used, might grant you one or several of the following items: Gold, Silver, Exploits, Prestige, Bugles and Assist Cards.


Please note that the number of your Levy will be reset at 00:00 (Server Time) every day.



Start Time

00:00:00 Wed. Jan 8, 2014 (EST; Server Time);

21:00:00 Tue. Jan 7, 2014 (PST);

05:00:00 Wed. Jan 8, 2014 (GMT).


End Time

00:00:00 Sat. Jan 11, 2014 (EST; Server Time);

21:00:00 Fri. Jan 10, 2014 (PST);

05:00:00 Sat. Jan 11, 2014 (GMT).


*** Feudon team reserves the rights to interpret these events. This event announcement is posted prior to the time when the events actually happen. By the time the events happen, their rules and rewards may have changed. Thank you for your understanding. ***

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