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Martin Luther King was the chief spokesman for nonviolent activism in the civil rights movement, which successfully protested racial discrimination in federal and state law. We are here to mourn Martin Luther King. Come and join us! Do not just have a dream; it is time to realize your dream!


Event 1: Set Sail Your Dream


Feudon is delivering surprises! Anyone who purchases over 200 Gold during the activity will get a super-worthy gift pack. More Gold is purchased, more amazing gifts will be sent. Do not just stay in situ! Come on and set sail your dream! You deserve a more splendid life!


Time: 00:00 on Jan 15 to 00:00 on Jan 19, 2014* (4 days)


Server:All Servers



1. During this activity, if players' one-time purchase of Gold reaches the following amount, they will be rewarded with corresponding reward packs.

2. The Top 3 players who have accumulatively purchased the most Gold during the activity time among players in all servers will receive 450 Gold.

3. Every player can receive the reward packs for multiple times. More qualified one-time purchases are made, more packs will be sent. For example, if you purchase TWICE during this activity with the first purchase of 600 Gold and the second purchase of 1,000 Gold, then you can receive (180,000 Silver + Lv 5 Rune Card *2 + 30,000 Exploits) + (300,000S Silver + Lv 5 Rune Card*5 + 50,000 Exploits) together as rewards after the activity ends.

4. Gold converted from Claps will be included.

5. ClapAlong reserves the right to interpret the activity.


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Rewards Delivery

When the activity is ended, we'll count how many qualified one-time purchases players have made during the activity and what Reward Packs each of them deserves. The rewards will be sent to the eligible player's account together in 3-15 working days after the activity ends with an in-game mail attached as notification.


Event 2: Steer the Dream Boat


The amazing season for Gold consumption is coming! Feudon is filled with the relaxing and festival atmosphere. During the activity, you'll be rewarded for just spending a certain amount of Gold in the specific places. Come here and check it out!


Time: 00:00 on Jan 15 to 00:00 on Jan 19, 2014* (4 days)


Server: All Servers



1. During the activity, players will get 1 Glory Point for each Gold coin they spend in Card Mall, Roulette, Adventures and Imposed Levies. Gold spent in other places will not be counted in this activity.

2. Player can exchange their Glory Points for Gift Boxes, and this part of points needed for the Gift Box will be deducted from their Glory Points after the exchange.

3. Open Gift Boxes and you'll get the rewards. There are 3 types of Gift Boxes, each of them worth 600, 1,000 and 2,000 Glory Points respectively. Different Gift Boxes will grant you different presents.

4. Each Gift Box contains Gold or Silver. They have equal chance of coming out.




Rewards Delivery

Players can join the activity and exchange Glory Points directly by clicking the "Activity" icon on the upper right of the city scene and entering "Prize for Spending Gold".


Then players can go to "My Card" to claim the Gold or Silver.


Event 3: Levy Festival


Here comes the payback time, fellas! Conduct Levy in your Senatus as many times as you can and the Gift Cards will flock! Open the Gift Cards and you will find out what kind of lucky rewards you have bumped into! Come join this Levy festival! It's transcendent!   


Time: 00:00 on Jan 15 to 00:00 on Jan 19, 2014* (4 days)


Server:All Servers



During the activity time, when the number of your Levy reaches 2, 5, 9, 14, 20, 27, 35, 46 and 60, you will gain 2, 6, 11, 19, 28, 41, 56, 79 and 108 Gift Cards respectively. Gift Cards, when used, might grant you one or several of the following items: Gold, Silver, Exploits, Prestige, Bugles and Assist Cards.


Please note that the number of your Levy will be reset at 00:00 (Server Time) every day.



Start Time

00:00:00 Wed. Jan 15, 2014 (EST; Server Time);

21:00:00 Tue. Jan 14, 2014 (PST)

05:00:00 Wed. Jan 15, 2014 (GMT).


End Time

00:00:00 Sun. Jan 19, 2014 (EST; Server Time);

21:00:00 Sat. Jan 18, 2014 (PST)

05:00:00 Sun. Jan 19, 2014 (GMT).


*** Feudon team reserves the rights to interpret these events. This event announcement is posted prior to the time when the events actually happen. By the time the events happen, their rules and rewards may have changed. Thank you for your understanding. ***


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