Everlasting Love



Valentine's Day is coming again. Feudon is going to pass true love to all players. Are you staying put? Come and join us to fill your Valentine's Day with romantic and sweet phenomenon. May you meet with your true love in Feudon!


Event 1: Valentine's Special Offer


Valentine's Day is coming again. We're providing a special offer to celebrate the sweetest day of the year. Every surprise is possible. Players can enjoy a 15% Gold bonus during the activity and to make it even greater, they'll receive an extra Valentine Gold Pack if their purchase exceeds $50. Happy Valentine's Day! May you have more fun in Feudon!


Time: 00:00 on Feb 14 to 00:00 on Feb 17, 2014* (3 days)


Server:All servers



1. Players can enjoy a 15% bonus for their accumulated purchases of Gold during the activity. (The accumulated purchases should at least reach 30 USD)


2. When the accumulated purchases during the activity reach 50 USD, the player can receive an extra Valentine Gold Pack (214 Gold) besides the 15% bonus he/she deserves.


For example, if a player buys 1000 Gold accumulatively during the activity, he/she will receive 364 Gold (150 + 214 = 364 Gold) after the activity ends.


Reminder: Players' accumulated purchases of Gold in each server are calculated separately, and each eligible player will only receive the Gold bonus and the Valentine Gold Pack (if there is any) ONCEafter the activity ends.



Don't forget to transfer Claps to Feudon's Gold in case you need it.


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Gold Bonus: 15% of the accumulated purchases of Gold

Valentine Gold Pack: 214 Gold (extra sent when the accumulative purchases reach 50 USD)


Rewards Delivery

Eligible players will get the Gold they buy instantly the purchase finishes and will get the Gold bonus and the 214-Gold Pack (if there is any) within 3-15 working days after the activity ends with an in-game mail as the notification.


Event 2: Fight for Love

Valentine's Day is coming. Feudon is going to offer you opportunities to join the Valentine war together with your lovers and friends. What you cannot image is that you can receive not only Valentine Points but generous rewards! What are you waiting for? Come on with your lover and friends!


Time: 00:00 on Feb 14 to 00:00 on Feb 17, 2014* (3 days)


Server:All servers



1. During the activity, players that are above Lv20 (including Lv20) should team up in pairs in Fight for Love. If the team wins the Valentine war, players can accumulate Valentine Points.


2. The accumulated Valentine Points can help players to win generous rewards. The more Valentine Points they accumulate the more rewards they will receive. Players will be ranked by the Valentine Points they accumulate and they will receive the corresponding rewards according to the ranking list. (See the Rewards Chart)


Rewards Chart


Rewards Delivery

The rewards will be delivered via in-game mails to the eligible players according to the Valentine Points and Ranking.


++++++++How to enter the "Happy Valentine's Day" panel++++++++


Players can check their Valentine Points and Ranking details in the in-game Fight for Love panel. Just click the "Activity" button and then "Fight for Love" to enter the "Happy Valentine's Day" panel as illustrated in the below images.




Start Time

00:00:00 Fri. Feb 14, 2014 (EST; Server Time);

21:00:00 Thur. Feb 13, 2014 (PST);

05:00:00 Fri. Feb 14, 2014 (GMT).


End Time

00:00:00 Mon. Feb 17, 2014 (EST; Server Time);

21:00:00 Sun. Feb 16, 2014 (PST);

05:00:00 Mon. Feb 17, 2014 (GMT).

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